Why is Groupick Different?

Want to shop but also willing to save? Is it possible? Absolutely, yes! It’s a common notion that shopping and savings don’t go hand in hand and here we are to burst your bubble of misconception and help you save money.

There are numerous ways you can accomplish this, but Group Shopping is one that you may
have never heard of( at least in India).

What is Group Shopping?

Simply put, a group of people willing to buy the same product form groups and buy the product together and save together.

Lets say, there are 7 people in a group willing to buy the product and if they do buy it within 24 hours then they will be buying a product which is worth rs 500 at rs 299. Isn’t it a good deal? Well it’s not applicable to only one product but all the products available in Groupick App.

Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it? Because it sure is a great deal.

How is Groupick different?

Since the customers buy the products in groups, based on the size of the group the discount differs. But you might be wondering how is it different from other existing e-commerce platforms.

When it comes to other ecommerce platforms there is no such option as group shopping and you get no discounts unless there are any festive/seasonal offers going on. But why wait until the festive/seasonal offers to shop when you can shop at the same prices without no sales.


The best way to save money is to shop in groups and not wait for longer periods of time for offers but to buy regularly when you want to and save money at the same time. What are you waiting for ? More deals? Well, you gotta wait for it.

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