Why do discounts matter a lot to Indian customers?

It’s nothing surprising and unknown that Indian customers love grabbing great deals or offersand most of them prefer buying stuff when there are any offers or sales going on.

Is this new? Nope!
Have you ever wondered why getting a discount is very much liked by Indian customers?

The majority of the Indian population belongs to the middle class. And the middle class is divided into 3 segments:

● Upper middle class
● Middle class
● Lower middle class

The biggest reason why Indian customers look for discounts is because of the per capita income. Not all the Indian consumers have a very huge per capita income and naturally they want to save money and prefer not to spend all of it recklessly.

Unlike the west, Indian consumers like to save money rather than spending and prefer not to borrow money to spend it on unnecessary things.

Discount is important for the Indian consumers because, for instance, if a person makes Rs. 25k per month, after paying all of his monthly costs, such as rent, food, etc., he still manages to save little to nothing.

Additionally, Indian customers have the mentality that they should save money now since they never know what the future may bring. This is done in order to avoid future financial difficulties.


In the current world, where a war is in progress and there is an energy crisis, which all resulted in inflation. Additionally, when there is inflation, prices rise, and naturally, people don’t want to spend too much money on things that aren’t worthwhile. So, when consumers buy items at discount, they believe they are saving money.

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