Indian Shopping Culture

In the recent years, India’s shopping culture has undergone a significant shift from how it was in the past. The purchases our parents and grandparents made would last for several years and they would only shop once or twice a year.

Is the scenario the same today?

Nope. The matrix of people and money created the passion for shopping in India in the 21th century.

We, the people today have way more choices than our parents or grandparents had. Let it bebshopping online or offline, availability of different markets, and the number of brands, etc

The present culture

When a product is broken today, people tend to think of replacing it with a new one rather than having it fixed.

People’s desires and wants are abundant source of profits in the markets.

As iterated before, the matrix of people and money has created the passion for shopping in the 21st century.

The money flow in the middle class (the majority of the population) families is comparatively high in the last decade which led to the increase in shopping culture in India.

The digitalization

The digitalization is another factor that contributed to the increase in usage of online shopping.

Digitalization is the conversation of something to digital form. In shopping, digitalization had resulted in the boom of online shopping.

People today can get endless variety online from the comfort of their homes and in addition to that they can get good deals, offers returns and also compare the prices and read reviews before buying a product.

There’s one thing that we must never forget: The combination of comfort and savings alwaysresults in happiness when it comes to shopping.

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