Group Buying: The New way of shopping

Having a desire to buy and a willingness to put money aside. It certainly sounds awful, don’t you
think? Few say there’s a way but what is it?
Group buying
What is Group Buying?

In a nutshell, the concept of buying together and saving together is known as group buying.

The core of this concept of group buying is buyers form a group in order to receive discounts from the sellers.

India’s current e-commerce model is skewed toward affluennt customers in big cities, it excludes the needs of the 90 percent population from small towns.

Group buying in Tier 2+ towns in India will accelerate the transition of commerce from offline to online.

Want to know about it in detail?

Group buying is a new concept in which individuals willing to buy a certain product or service form groups and based on the number of buyers in the group a certain discount is offered.

Lets say, there are 7 people in a group willing to buy the product and if they do buy it within 24 hours then they will be buying a product which is worth rs 500 at rs 299. Isn’t it a good deal? Well it’s not applicable to only one product but all the products available in Groupick App. Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it? Because it sure is a great deal

Benefits of group buying

Everyone appreciates good deals and offers. By purchasing a product in group you might end up saving way more than you would if you would have bought the same product individually.By placing an order in group since the order placed is in bulk the seller would always stand to gain profit from it.

Whereas, when you buy solo you might end up paying the whole money for the purchase whereas when you buy in a group, you can buy more and at the same time save more.

It’s a common notion that buying and savings don’t go hand in hand and group buying will for sure burst your bubble of misconception and you will enter the world of buying more, saving more.

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